Through Urban Episode, we try to expand the ways we share knowledge through telling a good story. By linking research and media production, we make information more accessible to a larger number of people. It is through producing visual content such as film, audio content, using radio, books for all ages and even art that we find new ways to reach a wider audience.


Media production in general; Audio and video production, podcasts, visual production and graphics.

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Video Essay, Installation

The Map: A Contested Object

This project challenges the various archives in Khartoum and the power dynamics that exist within them by positioning the unattainable object of contention that is the Sudanese map within the urban fabric of Khartoum.

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Khalifa House Museum Graphics

With Sudan being a multilingual nation, hundreds of languages are spoken all over the country. The Khalifa House Museum is an attraction open to any and all visitors, both local and international.

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Audio Production


Khartoum Podcast is a series of audio episodes that explore the city of Khartoum from different social, cultural, and political perspectives through the eyes of experts, urban specialists, artists, and other inhabitants of the city.

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Book Covers Design

Visual History

Is there any part of our history you wish you could find explained in a proper text book with a lot of pictures? ‘Visual History Books’ is an imaginary project that answers this question.

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