Khalifa House Museum Graphics

With Sudan being a multilingual nation, hundreds of languages are spoken all over the country. The Khalifa House Museum is an attraction open to any and all visitors, both local and international. The museum annually welcomes thousands of visitors of all backgrounds, ages, abilities and educational levels. How is the museum able to communicate with such a diverse audience? The project endeavored to answer this question not just by explaining content through text but also by experimenting with different forms of visuals; to help visitors navigate the historical building. This is in addition to encouraging interaction with the museum, as part of its goal of becoming a community museum.

  • Collaborators:Mallinson Architects.
  • Category:Graphics.
  • Date:2021.
  • Status:Ongoing.
  • Funding:Western Sudan community Museums.
  • Location:Khalifa House Museum, Omdurman.


A team of space designers, researchers, writers and graphic designers sit together to develop each graph, in order to make sure it tells the right story and conveys the intended message.


All museum graphics that are included in the exhibition, as well as way finders to navigate the museum and signage.