Sudanese Music Illustrations

Have you ever wondered if there was another way to experience music? The Music Illustrations project was an attempt to answer that question. Six Sudanese songs have been visualized through sensational illustrations, capturing some of their meaning by way of a visual experience through playful artwork. If you are not familiar with the songs, an AR application developed by Ahmed Saif El-dawla from 404 Creative Design Studio will help you experience them in a fun way. The app will animate the illustrations and play the songs once you open the app and point your phone at the illustration. You can download the application for Android using this link.

  • Project collaborators:404 Studio.
  • Category: AR Application.
  • Date:November/2019.
  • Funding:Studio Urban
  • Location:Online.
  • Status:Ended.

Music Application


Digital art.


Six illustrated songs and an AR application.