Traditional Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge, also known as Indigenous Knowledge (IKS), has several different definitions; it can have many meanings, themes, and structures, depending on the specific geographic location, its specific characteristics and sheer volume of cumulative knowledge, as well as how it’s inherited and developed within a society. The lack of literature offering an overview of IKS in Sudan presents us with uncharted territory in a field of study worth working on, however producing research that looks into the entirety of Sudan with its diverse ethnic groups and natural environments, as well as its large land area, is a very ambitious project. This small study however tries to examine documented forms of IKS around the world and in Africa specifically to try and see how applicable they are to Sudan; all while cross-checking the information and findings with specialists from different disciplines.

  • Collaborators:UNDP.
  • Funding:UNDP.
  • Location:Khartoum.
  • Category:Research.
  • Date:August/2021.
  • Status:Ongoing.


Desk research.


A research document with an overview of IKS in Sudan; ecosystem mapping of IK actors. IKS Library recommendation.