Workable Geographies

Workable Geographies

The process of urbanization in Sudan, like in many other developing countries, cannot be untangled from the varying waves of displacement, migration, and movement. Through decades of protracted displacements and humanitarian crises, Sudan has struggled to formulate a comprehensive displacement response plan. The challenge is so pressing that the former Transitional Government of Sudan, which came to power through the December revolution, has identified addressing the situation of displaced populations in the country as one of the top ten priorities to be tackled during the turbulent intended 3-year transitional period. With this complex context in mind, our intent in this research is to examine select Sudanese cities; Khartoum, Nyala and Kassala, as fixed geographic nodes in the tides of politics, movement and time, all while paying special attention to various processes of city-growth, including displacement and migratory flows. We aim through such contextualization of our urban margins to uncover more useful narratives on the emergence, present and future, of Sudanese cities that can lead the way forward.

  • Collaborators:Ola Hassanain.
  • Funding:Prince Claus and Hartwig Foundation.
  • Location:AL-Haj Yousif.
  • Category:Research.
  • Date:June/2021.
  • Status:Ended.


Desk research; followed by a series of visits to various sites and interviewing residents, planners and specialists.


Video Essay.