Mapping Omdurman

Mapping Omdurman

‘Maps of Khalifa house’ are a series of maps designed specifically to be displayed in the new museum, explaining Omdurman in a bigger context as well as displaying a spatial representation of historical changes, cultural traits, and visual representation of life at different times in Omdurman’s history . The project aims to visualize different stories and museum information in the form of maps and diagrams. .

  • Collaborators:Khalifa House Museum.
  • Category:Mapping, Visual archive.
  • Date:November/2019.
  • Location:Khalifa House.
  • Funding:Western Sudan Community Museum.
  • Status: Ended.


The map building process went through a series of changes depending on the development of the exhibition story design The selection and decisions on which the maps are designed, visual representation, scale, details, and accompanying text is made based on the exhibition story building process. The maps can be represented individually but are better understood within the bigger context of the story the exhibition is telling.


The outcome was 12 panels, each containing one to five maps each. The total of maps delivered at the end was 18 maps.