Khalifa House Museum Space Design

Khalifa House Museum Space Design

We have collaborated with Mallison Architects to provide consultation for museum space design, as well as assisting them with important tasks like data collection and research. We helped collect and research information and visual items necessary for the exhibition’s overall layout from NCAM and other academic entities. This was all revised and accounted for by our editorial team. In addition to assigning content to exhibition labels and panels, we assisted with developing drawings and determining their specifications for manufacturers. We also assisted in producing the exhibition story narrative and layout, which was integrated into the spatial design of the museum itself.

  • Collaborators:Mallinson Architects, Khalifa House Staff.
  • Category:Exhibition.
  • Date:June/2020.
  • Location:Khalifa House Museum.
  • Funding:Western Sudan Community Museum(WSCM).
  • Status: Ongoing.

The exhibition development work phases include:
1. Research.
2. Overall conceptualizing of exhibition design.
3. Exhibition design development.
4. Spatial experience design.


Spatial design of all museum exhibitions including architecture interventions, panels, and interactive units. Producing drawings for exhibition layouts and detailed designs for approval (MA, NCAM).