The Map: A contested Object

This project challenges the various archives in Khartoum and the power dynamics that exist within them by positioning the unattainable object of contention that is the Sudanese map within the urban fabric of Khartoum. This installation is a call for accessibility and transparency within the archives of Sudan, both national and international, in order to truly hold those entities accountable and allow for a critical revision of the archives. It is a call to reclaim the tools with which we as urban planners, artists, designers, and even the general public would be able to participate in the process of city-making.

  • Collaborators:Goethe Institute, KHPP.
  • Category:Video Essay, Installation .
  • Date:October/2020.
  • Location:Online.
  • Funding:Goethe Institute.
  • Status: Ended.


Studio Urban’s ‘Maps in Context’ in which Studio Urban has exhibited historical maps in Khartoum‘s public spaces, outside the walls of the Goethe-Institute Sudan in Baladiya street as well as the French Cultural Centre. It features a video essay both in Arabic and English.


Research based art production. Studio Urban collaborated together with a team from KHHP in Berlin, to explore different perspectives on archives that relate to the context in each country.

The Map | A Contested Object
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