Western Sudan Community Museum (WSCM)Soft Openings

The three museums (Khalifa House, Sheikan, and Darfur) included in the WSCM Project pays homage to Sudan’s Western corridor – an old trade route linking Darfur, Kordofan, and Omdurman – as the scene of the 19th century Mahdist uprising. This project documents the historical records of the Western Sudan, in an attempt to preserve its history and to reduce the impact of cultural loss witnessed in the last five decades. The western region of the country plays an important role in Sudan’s history and its strategies for the future. We believe that museums are a civil, inclusive, and multigenerational resource that can contribute to the education and the social and economic development of young people.

  • Collaborators:WSCM project team, NCAM teams.
  • Category:Exhibition.
  • Date:February/2021.
  • Location:Obied, Niyala, Omdurman.
  • Funding:Western Sudan Community Museums (WSCM).
  • Status: Ended.


1. Khalifa House Soft Opening: The exhibition showed the history of Omdurman, the city and its people. Other small exhibitions were done in collaboration with the community.
2. Sheikan Museum Soft Opening: The exhibition had three main themes, the traditional Kurdufan wedding, Kurdufan and Obaid life showing architecture, local produce and nomadic life and the third theme showed the work of famous photographers from Kurdufan. The exhibition was done with close collaboration with the Sheikan Museum team who collected the materials for the exhibition.
3. Darfur Museum Soft Opening: The exhibition showed the result of the materials collected by the students of Niyala University for the Darfur Survey project. One of WSCM projects.


Curating and designing 3 temporary exhibitions in 3 museums each with a different theme and content showing different local stories.