Omdurman Heritage Hub

The hub is an ongoing project housed in Khalifa House in Omdurman. Since the museum is transitioning into a community museum, the hub is an attempt to invite people to share their history and its contribution to the formulation of the city we see today, in addition to increasing community and public awareness and helping to protect the cultural heritage of Omdurman.

  • Collaborators:WSCM Team.
  • Category:Strategy development and exhibition design.
  • Date:February/2021.
  • Location:Khalifa House.
  • Funding:Western Sudan Community Museums (WSCM).
  • Status: Ended.

The project aims to increase people’s understanding regarding different components of the city and what people create every day. To that end, research and mapping has been conducted for over a year, and material has been collected to be put on display in the museum exhibition and archives, as well as the production of panels and maps to be permanently displayed in the museum.


In order To move forward with establishing the Khalifa house as a heritage hub, a strategy was devised with the WSCM media team and Project Office (PO) team. The idea was to incorporate media outreach, museum image, museum communities and even staff and facilities into the process. The goal is to introduce the museum to the public as a credible, reliable and friendly space that the community can use as a heritage hub. The soft opening was the first step taken to establish the museum as a heritage hub for Omdurman.