Museum Exhibition Consultant

Studio Urban took on a consultant role for NCAM (National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums), focusing on visual museum representation and content, as well as exhibition design and display material selection. The key review points on various subjects given as a consultant throughout the project are as follows:
1. Visual brand.
2. Exhibition development.
3. Testing and Editorial work.
4. Developing considerations and guidelines for museum exhibitions.

  • Collaborators:Mallinson Architects.
  • Category:Consultancy.
  • Date:June/2020.
  • Location:Khartoum.
  • Funding:Western Sudan Community Museums.
  • Status: Ongoing.

We work closely with various museum teams and production companies on their projects helping them realize their vision.


Exhibition guidelines for graphics, text, and manufacturing. Design considerations. Detailed tables for all panels and exhibition items. Exhibition floor plan zoning and movement layout. Conceptualizing panels, stands, installations, cases, audio, and video display. Final list of panels with text, visuals type and design considerations.